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ms. marozana

 Hello Everyone! I am eager to get to work and see all of your smart faces online! This is an interesting page in history that we all get to be part of, and one day we will all look back on these days as something incredible. So enjoy time with your family as I am doing in this picture. My family and I love to  explore nature through hikes; here we are at the La Jolla cliffs. 

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ms. macleod

 Hi Kids! I am Mrs. Macleod and I am part of the K team. I am another teacher here to support you. Here I am with my family, enjoying the beautiful holiday lights. You will sometimes see me in virtual meetings and one day in the classroom too. I want you to know that I am always thinking about you and how to work with your teacher to make your learning exceptional!

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The Farm

Meet the Farm Mascots!
The Goats: Maggie, Domino and Winston
The Chickens: Meatball, Opera, Colonel Sanders, Pumpkin, Normandy, Jerry, Peggy Sue
The One Turkey: Franklin
The Bunnies: Mango, Puck

that will best support your academic and social emotional goals. 


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