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 I am thrilled to be your 4th and 5th grade teacher. I am looking forward to meeting you and learning more about what makes you, YOU!

I want to thank all the parents in advance for your wonderful work and dedication to the academic success of your children. Please take a moment and sign up by pressing the button below. This will keep your contact information current and confidential.



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Schedule at a glance

7:30- 8:00        3G’s!
1. Get out of bed
2. Get dressed
3. Get breakfast
8:00- 8:30      Morning Meeting SEL
8:30-10:20     Math
10:20-10:35    Snack Break
10:35-12:00    Reading
12:00:12:40    Lunch Break
12:40-1:20      Writing
1:20- 1:50        ELD/SLD 
1:50-2:45        Office Hours
2:45-3:15        Teacher Prep Time
* Science and Social Studies Standards will be integrated throughout the curriculum.

learning together

Together we will make learning dynamic, creative, and fun. We will be kind, safe, stay academically focused, and healthy. Together we will find a wide variety of creative resources and activities that will enhance our learning. By using our classroom portal’s resource page you can investigate which apps and sites are most effective and even recommend new ones. Together we will keep learning, stay healthy, have fun, and stay technologically current. 




 Ms. Marozana’s Classroom Mission

To build relationships by making  learning relevant, rigorous, creative, and meaningful.  Our number one unified purpose throughout our distance learning  school year. I believe that together as a team we can make learning rigorous, relevant, and accessible to all students. By using technology to access material we will meet the demands of the 21st century technology through distance learning.

A Word

From Ms. Marozana

Hello and welcome to our distance learning classroom. Please join me in celebrating our brave new learning platform by using this website as your hub for all matters pertaining to distance learning education. It is my hope that this website will support you in your efforts to best reach academic success and continuity for your children. 
For example, we will still learn. We will still read. Most importantly we will be learning together. We will have fun math projects and have lively video chats. We can even have learning out on the farm and in the kitchen with the use of technology.

– Ms. Marozana



Our News & Announcements

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Week 2, Sept 14th

Well we need to pat ourselves on our back for rockin' the first week of school! We had internet connection issues, technology hiccups, and figuring out how to see everyone at once. It was an adventure. I am glad we were able to share all these challenges and test our...

Week 1, Sept 9

Ready, set , go! This week we will focus on getting to know each other, fine tune our classroom norms, and help one another understand our distance learning model. It will be an opportunity to ask clarifying questions, wonderings, and just plain share out.  En sus...


Farm animals


books read